Return & Refund Policy

Product policy for housings & plate

The return and refund acceptance timeframe is within 7 days after recieving the product to the designated address. 

After the 7 days, Geonworks will not be accepting requests for R&R.

Also when the consumer has observed a visible damage at a obscure location

(e.g. around the screw threadings, internal weights, even the plates themselves)

the consumer will not be eligible for R&R for these types of damages because it is due to high probablity of 

manufacturing margin of error.


Product policy for PCB's

When the consumer has recieved the product from shipping; if they notice a visible damage that will plague the overall function of the product, a scratch or mark that is clearly visible at hindsight; or a failure during the testing of the PCB, the consumer is eligible of returning or refunding the product.

Due note: If the user neglects the process of testing the PCB's and proceeds to solder on switches, and then requests a R&R after seeing a failure, they will not be eligible for this policy. So before proceeding with soldering anything to the product, we highly recommend testing the PCB's before assembly for we cannot be resposbile for every user errorr.

(If the PCB is damaged due to static electricity, we may not be able to help.)


Where duties and VAT have not been paid;

We are using DHL Express.
If customs and VAT are incurred before receiving the product in your country, you have to pay it directly and if you do not pay it, the product may return to us or be disposed of by the customs authorities.

Always use the correct phone number and email to avoid this situation.

All costs incurred when the product is returned or disposed of are not refunded in the product price.


We incur a 5% cancellation fee 48 hours after the order.