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Keycap/Switch Puller

Keycap/Switch Puller

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Mechanically operated keycap/switch puller

Size - 164mm × 20mm(diameter)

Key cap puller
It's made of PC material, so it doesn't scratch the key cap and has a wide area
Switch puller
Press firmly toward the switch to hold the switch, then remove the switch from plate,
Remove the switch through the lever
Precautions for Using the Switch Puller
※ Switches outside of the cherry specification may not function normally due to interference.
※ The metal tongs may cause scratches on the stiffener by pressing down on the stiffener and clutching the switch.
※ Please understand how to use it below before using it as a product that requires some skill.

How to use the switch puller
1. Please disconnect the Keyboard from the computer before using it.
2. Use the metal tongs in the vertical direction of the switch.
3. Press firmly while holding the metal tongs so that they can press the reinforcing plate.
4. Bite the switch hard and pull it out
5. Press the lever on the side of the body with your thumb to release the switch from the puller.
6. Be careful when disconnecting, as the switch may bounce off by the spring force.
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