QC Standards for E-White Products


The product that you see right now has been anodized underneath to fully set the liquid-based coating of white on top. Because of the process, the overall result of the finished product can result in minor marks and small imprints inside the product itself.

Also, because of the characteristics of the liquid-based coating, you will see small scratches and dents around the case. There can be some surface texture and finishing differences with the case and the included arrow blocker that comes with the F1-8K Snow Edition when you order it (The white blocker does not apply to the F1-8X top case model)



A-Stock: Below 3 paint clumps and dust, less than 1 mm imprints, below 3 mm scratches

B-Stock: Over 3 paint clumps and dust, over 1 mm imprints, over 3mm scratches

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