How to check PCB using VIA

Step 1. Download VIA / QMK

- VIA / QMK Download Link Page

- JSON / HEX Download Link Page


Step 2. Connect to PCB

- Use a USB-C type cable


Step 3. Run the VIA

- VIA will find your PCB automatically then go to Step.5
- If VIA can't find your PCB, Download the JSON file HERE


Step 4. Load JSON file on VIA


Step 5. Connect VIA

- Set the layout (F12/F13/Split/etc)


Step 6. Key Test

- Go to the 'KEY TESTER' tap and prepare the test


Step 7. Test the keys

Test the keys one by one using the tweezer


Step 8. Test complete

- The FN key does not work on the key tester, can test by mapping with different keys.