This board is modernized, borrowing the AT layout applied to the first personal computer 30 years ago.

Round is applied to all corners, giving you a more comfortable feel than other keyboards.
It's a little unusual, but it's a perfect keyboard to stimulate baby boomers like me.
It was a keyboard designed only for me for business use, but it was officially sold at the request of customers.
A total of 650 units have been sold and will be delivered to customers around July.

- Mount: PCB Top with Rubber Pin (Aka. Tadpole)
- Typing angle: 8˚
- Front Height: 16.9mm
- Materials
: Cases- A6063-T6
: Weights - Brass
- 2.4kg
- Compatible PCBs - W1-AT by Yiancar Design
- Color - Black / Navy / Gray / Pink / Burgundy