It's designed to create a fully functional but budget-friendly keyboard, and it's all designed through customer votes, from name to shape.
A total of 5,000 units have been sold since June 2021 to sell them every month. It aims to produce until it is no longer sold.
F12 Winkey and F13 Winkeyless, 2 arrays, low front height, and comfortable typing angle are the features of this keyboard.

- Mount: Top with Rubber Pin (Aka. Tadpole)
- Typing angle: 6˚
- Front Height: 16.5mm
- Materials
: Cases- A6063-T6
: Weights - Brass
- 2.1kg
- Compatible PCBs - FAVE87c , ApolloH , H87c , H88c , Galatea8788
- Color - Silver/Black/Navy/Gray/Burgundy/Dark green/Dark Purple