Glare and Geon have known each other through the Korea mechkeys community since 2018.
He was a cook and a keyboard lover.
He taught himself to design keyboards to make his own, and he brought Geon the designed modeling and Geon made his 3rd TKL.
The keyboard was designed and completed by Glare with Geon as his 4th TKL for more than a year.
Global Group-Buy was held in April 2022 and will be delivered to customers in Q1 2023.

- Mount: Top mount
- Typing angle: 11˚
- Front Height: 18.7mm
- Materials
: Cases- A6063-T6
: Weights - Brass / Stainless Steel 316L
- 4.0kg
- Compatible PCBs - H87nu
- Color - Silver/Black/Blue Gray