Collection: F1-8X V2 GB

Order Notice

  • In-stock items cannot be ordered with the F1-8X V2 except those included in the Groupbuy Collection.
  • Put all items in the cart and checkout at once if possible
  • Check your cart multiple times before placing, as there is a 5% change/cancellation fee after 48 hours of order acceptance.


  • This is an unlimited sale, and the shipping date may be delayed depending on the quantity.
  • I expect to sell around 800 units, which will take about 6 months.
  • However, if it sells more than that, I will announce the estimated shipping date accordingly.
  • A RAW version and this is literally raw material.
  • It has no surface treatment, so you should use it cautiously.
  • There may be scratches, small dots, discoloration, etc.