QMK/VIA Flashing Firmware

Step 1. Download QMK Tool Box

- QMK Toolbox's lastest version


Step 2. Download the Firmware for your PCB

- https://geon.works/pages/pcb-hex-json


Step 3. Set the QMK Toolbox for Flashing

1) Open your Firmware
2) Check the "Auto-Flash" First
3) Check the "Flash when ready"


Step 4. Connect your PCB while pushing the Reset Button

1) Plug the PCB and press and hold reset button for 5s
2) To clear EEPROM: press and hold ESCAPE, plug in the keyboard and hold ESCAPE


Step 5. Check the Status

If the firmware flash is successful, a message such as the image is showed


Step 6. Download VIA 

- VIA lastest version (App Version)
- VIA lastest vension (Web Version)


Step 7. Connect VIA 

If you install VIA App ver. on your computer, VIA will automatically recognize your PCB


VIA web ver. needs to authorize your PCB.