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BOOG75 HE Keyboard

BOOG75 HE Keyboard

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Boog75 – The Enthusiasts' Gaming Keyboard


Utilize BOOG75 for precise control in every gaming situation


  • Mount: Gasket Mount
  • Front Height: 22.14mm
  • Typing Angle: 5˚
  • Weight: 3KG

Magnetic Switch

Traditional mechanical keyboards require pressing the switch and reaching the actuation point to activate a key. In contrast, magnetic switches operate differently. They comprise a bottom Hall sensor and an upper magnet. When a key is pressed, changes in the distance within the sensing magnetic field lead to a fluctuation in current. Activation is determined by evaluating the strength of the induced current.

Additionally, automatic calibration via the Baseline Calibration algorithm ensures no abnormal functions due to temperature, humidity, magnetic differences, etc.

Therefore, owing to the unique structure of magnetic switches, with the use of our driver software, you have the freedom to adjust sensitivity according to your preferences. This feature enhances your customized gaming keyboard experience, providing you with the ability to fine-tune sensitivity levels and elevate your gaming performance.

Adjustable activation point for each key from 0.1 mm - 4.0 mm with an accuracy of 0.1 mm

Switch Specifications:

  • Product Name: GATERON KS-37B Magnetic Hall Sensor Keyboard Switch (compatible with KS37)
  • Initial Force:30±10gf.
  • Total travel:4.0±0.2mm.
  • Operation Lifetime:150,000,000 Cycles.
  • Bottom Force: 50±10gf.
  • Top Housing Material: Thermoplastic, Transparent
  • Bottom Housing Material: Thermoplastic, Red
  • Stem Material: Thermoplastic, Red
  • Spring Material: Stainless steel

Activation Point

Boog75 magnetic enables you to gain the upper hand in game.

Our Boog75 enables key activation at distances as short as 0.1mm. You can customize the activation point for each key, ranging from 0.1mm to 4.0mm. Find the ideal key travel distance that suits
you best.

BOOG75 Setting

Rapid trigger

Utilizing the unique traits of magnetic switches, key activation, and reset is determined by the distance traveled rather than fixed points. This precision enables keys to activate upon pressing and reset upon release, facilitating seamless consecutive key presses. This capability empowers you to swiftly execute a series of actions during gaming.

Low-power LED, saving up to 37% of LED power consumption


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