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Geon Trimmer

Geon Trimmer

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Material : STS316L
Treatment : Raw
Size (single product): 16 mm diameter, 100 mm length


How to use

1.+ (switch/stabilizer, + stem) Calibration
1) It can be used in any direction regardless of the direction
2) Dimensions change depending on the number of uses by pushing out the stem rather than by cutting it out
3) Use it several times for switches and keycaps that are not used as tools that require adaptation
4) Please work vertically and horizontally with the stem
5) It's a precision tolerance product that's sensitive to impact, so please be careful when using it

2.- (Key Cap) Calibration
1) - Only available with the key cap leveled
2) Be careful not to use it vertically
3) If the switch is turned 90 degrees, it must be used vertically
4) Remove the burr by cutting the stem
5) Please use it vertically with the stem.
6) It is a precision tolerance product that is sensitive to impact, so please be careful when using it



This product is a tool and is shipped without any visual inspection.
However, in the case of defective products that cause problems in use, we will help you to exchange or refund the product.

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