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Hineybush H87nu + Daughter Board PCB

Hineybush H87nu + Daughter Board PCB

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Hiney H87nu with Daughterboard
Type : Solderable
Material : FR-4 / CEM-3
Thickness : 1.6mm

Hiney H87nu-H with Daughterboard
Type : Hotswappable
Layout : 7u Tsangan, Stepped Caps Lock
Material : FR-4
Thickness : 1.6mm

Daughterboards and cables are included.
The direction of the spacebar stabilizer is SOUTH FACING
Compatible : F2-84, Glare TKL
QMK / VIA Compatible


When plugging the switch into the hot-swap socket, please ensure the contacts on the switch are properly aligned.
When connecting the switch to the hot-swap PCB, place the socket on the floor (desk mat, etc.) as much as possible before connecting it.
Please note that the hot-swap socket is soldered to a thin copper foil, and the socket may fall off if the switch is screwed in too tightly.

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