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GEON Raw ZERO Switch

GEON Raw ZERO Switch

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GEON RAW ZERO Linear Switch

Switch Type - Linear, Lubed, Unlubed
Bottom-out Force - 62.0g
Spring Length - 21.0mm
Spring Type - Single-stage
Pre Travel - 2.0mm
Full Travel - 3.4mm
Top Housing Material - POM
Bottom Housing Material - PA66
Stem Material - UPE
Mounting pins - 5Pins
Manufactured by GEONWORKS (OEM)

Product Description

Produced with a new mold by GEONWORKS, Raw Zero is a low-pitch linear switch with close-to-zero-wobble. It's the very first one in the market! Due to zero wobble, it may feel heavier than it is, but the more you type with it the softer it will get.

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