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TX AP Stabilizer (Screw-In) Long Pole

TX AP Stabilizer (Screw-In) Long Pole

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TX AP Stabilizer (Screw-In) Long Pole

Choose according to the thickness of the PCB that will be used 

- TKL - Housing (1.2mm or 1.6mm) x10/ Long Pole Stem x10/ 2U Wire x4/ 6.25U & 7U Wire x1/ Screw+Washer x10 Spare x2

- 2U Kit - Housing (1.2mm or 1.6mm) x6/ Long Pole Stem x6/ 2U Wire x3/ Screw+Washer x6 Spare x2

Choose according to the keyboard arrangement are assembling

- TKL (Use for 60%, 65%, and 75%, TKL)

- 2U Kit (Shift, Backspace, Enter, Numpad '+', '0', 'Enter' etc)

    Stem (POM + TPU Dual Injection), Housing (POM)
    2U, 6.25U, 7U The thickness is 1.6mm, which is the size of a cherry.

    Attachments such as stickers to the bottom of the stabilizer can make assembly difficult.
    When assembling the Stabilizer Housing and Stem, pay attention to the orientation.
    Do not mix TX Stabilizer Parts with other Stabilizer Parts.
    The shrinkage of the keycap may affect the stabilizer, so please check the condition of the keycap before assembling.
    The horizontal level must be corrected by yourself, please test enough before assembly.
    If the Stabilizer is disassembled and reassembled, there may be a gap in the fastening position due to the POM material, and it is more likely to shake and cause noise than initially.(If there is such a phenomenon, please move the position to the opposite side that was not used and reassemble it, or press the stretched part due to the gap to hold it tightly, and it will be restored to some extent.)

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