F1-8X V2 Uesr Build Guide

Step 1. Parts

Check your Parts for Build

- Housing
- Screws
- Plate
- O-ring
- Feet

Required parts to Build the keyboard

- Switches
- Stabilizers
- Lubricant (Optional)
- Hex Driver (H1.5 / H2.0)
Nipper or scissors to cut the O-ring


Step 2. QC

- QCing the board and parts

- Check the PCB (use Tweezers, VIA Key tester)

- How to check PCB using VIA


Step 3. Open the Case

- Unscrewed on the bottoms using H1.5 / H2.0 Hex driver


Step 4. PCB and Plate

- Put the Stabs and Switches on the PCB and Plate


Step 5. Install the O-ring (Top Case)

- Cut the O-ring using cutting tools

- Put inside the O-ring at the grooves

- Top case needs 2 O-rings


Step 6. Install the O-ring (Bottom)

- Put the Plate and PCB on the Bottom case
- Put in the O-ring between Plate and Bottom case


Step 7. Top and Bottom Assemble

- Screwed on the bottoms using H2.0 Hex driver


Additional Information

For boards that use a daughterboard to connect, such as the H87NU, you can purchase a fly daughterboard, secure it, and connect it to the board as shown in the image above.

The screws used are socket wrench M2 X 4mm and screwdriver bit is H1.5.


If you're not using a daughterboard and you're concerned about empty space, unscrew the top right weight, flip it over and screw it in with the flat part.