FROG TKL Build Guide

- Frog TKL Build Guide (Video) by DBOKEY

Easy way to assemble plates for Frog TKL


Step 1. Parts

Check your Parts for Build

- Housing
- Screws
- Plate
- Tadpoles
- Feet

Required parts to Build the keyboard

- Switches
- Stabilizers
- Lubricant (Optional)
- Hex Driver (H2.0)


Step 2. QC

- QCing the board and parts

- Check the PCB (use Tweezers, VIA Key tester)

 - How to check PCB using VIA


Step 3. Open the Case

- Unscrewed on the bottoms using H2.0 Hex driver


Step 4. PCB and Plate

- Put the Stabs and Switches on the PCB and Plate


Step 5. Install the Tadpole


- Put the Tadpoles in the hole of Plate
-The direction of insertion is the opposite of the switches


Step 6. Put the Plate and PCB on the Bottom

- Put the Plate and PCB on the Bottom case first


Step 7. Top and Bottom Assemble

Gently place top on bottom

- Tighten the Screws and Insert feet on the bottom

- Done