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SWK X OUTVA YinYang Switch

SWK X OUTVA YinYang Switch

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SWK X OUTVA Yang Switch 5pins

Switch Type – Linear

Bottom out Force – 58.0g
Pre Travel - 2.0mm
Total Travel - 3.7mm
Top Housing Material - Nylon
Bottom Housing Material - Nylon
Stem Material - POM
Spring Length - 20.0mm
Spring Type - Dual-Stage
Factory Lube - Lubed

SWK X OUTVA Ying Switch 5pins

Switch Type – Tactile

Bottom out Force – 60.0g
Pre Travel - 2.0mm
Total Travel - 3.5mm
Top Housing Material - Nylon
Bottom Housing Material - Nylon
Stem Material - POM
Spring Length - 15.0mm
Spring Type - Single-Stage
Factory Lube - Lubed

Manufactured by SWK
Designed by OUTVA

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